Pizza Legends Godot

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In this video tutorial series, we'll build an RPG overworld system using Godot v4. You can use these concepts to spin up your own game in this style! Check out this trailer video for a full overview:

Godot is a fantastic game engine to pick up game development. In this series, I'll show you exactly how I approach making this kind of RPG game using Godot There are also bonus Map and Character spritesheets for you to use in your own games! (No strings attached)


Q: What experience level with Godot is recommended?

This tutorial is for Godot beginners! We do move pretty fast, but all of the basics are covered. You can always reach out to me directly if you have a question about a certain area.

Q: What gameplay features are included in the tutorial?

This series covers the basics of making an RPG overworld system. These are the broad strokes for creating a game in the classic top-down pixel art style. The exact topics are:

  • Setting up a new Godot v4 project structure from scratch (with my recommended directory structure)
  • Creating NPC and controllable Hero scenes in Godot
  • Creating maps for the characters to walk around in (including transitions between maps)
  • Cutscenes for the NPCs to say and do different things when you talk to them
  • Basic Pause menu capabilities

Q: Is this series up to date with the latest version of Godot?

This series was recorded with v4.0 of Godot, which is the latest major release of the Godot engine.

Q: What else should I know?

Pizza Legends is originally a video series on my YouTube channel where we created a game using these assets in JavaScript. Some of the topics in the original series are not covered in this video series. For example, there are no Turn Based Battles in this video series. Please check out the full list of videos below to understand everything included in these videos.

That said, the battle features could still be implemented! Feel free to reach out to me, and I'd happily coach you through the steps to adding them to this Godot project.

Q: Will I have access to updates?

Yes, if new videos are ever released to this series, you will have forever access to anything new that is added.

Full Video LIst

01. Project Setup (02:35)

02. Main Scene (10:16)

03. People (10:49)

04. Control the Hero (14:45)

05. Camera and Hero Spawn (07:05)

06. People Animations (07:17)

07. Walls and Collisions (05:05)

08. Custom Game Objects (05:47)

09. Cutscene Beginnings (06:51)

10. Cutscene Events (08:44)

11. Nicer Text Boxes (07:19)

12. Detect Interactions (13:54)

13. Person Walking Cutscenes (16:18)

14. Standing Cutscenes Events (04:21)

15. Changing the Map (12:56)

16. Map Fade Transitions (07:56)

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Last updated Apr 18, 2024

In this series, we'll build a pixel art RPG Overworld about Pizza Chefs using Godot 4.

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Pizza Legends Godot

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